Cubo Group agencies

About Cubo Group

We are four specialist agencies with one shared goal – to work together to create stunning work that grows each of the brands we work with. Twenty years of experience has taught us that the most effective way to achieve this is to nurture the best possible talent in the best possible conditions for producing truly great work. That’s why we all collaborate together on one floor, in one stimulating location in the centre of Soho, London.

We will always hold true to this ideal, balancing our ambition to do great work for great clients with the stark reality that there’s a natural limit to the number of people who can creatively collaborate effectively on a daily basis. Brilliant ideas have never come by committee.

So our promise to clients is to deliver cross-platform thinking and creativity of the highest possible quality. And to work in a way that they needn't worry about managing different agencies. So all their audiences will experience a coherent, consistent brand message across all trading and media channels.